Zoot will be playing their first show in 40 years on this year's Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise!

Beeb Birtles, bass guitar (left) was a founding member of Little River Band, Darryl Cotton (lead singer) (next to Beeb) had solo Australian hits and was a TV star in Oz. Rick Brewer (drummer) (next to Darryl) had a band called the Ferrets who had a big hit in Australia after the Zoot and Ricky (yes Ricky) Springfield (lead guitar) is your host for the cruise!

Beeb Birtles
Musical Guest

The world knows Beeb Birtles through his association with Little River Band – the Australian-based group that conquered the international music scene on stage and on record for a decade from 1975 – the first Australian act to achieve gold record status in the USA.

In Australian terms Little River Band was a “supergroup”, made up of band members who came into the group with established reputations. Australia knew Beeb Birtles well before the Little River Band days. You might say he was the supergroup’s first “super” member. You might also say he was the group’s heartbeat, its integrity, the intangible glue that helped LRB’s famously disparate membership manage to operate together. He was also an integral part of the group’s vocal armory, and part of its songwriting strength.
But let’s go back to the start.

The Beeb Birtles (Gerard Bertelkamp) who arrived in Australia with his family from Holland in 1959 initially played another part in Australian history. That vast under populated Southern hemisphere island colony had opened its arms to post-war Europe, offering new beginnings. That generation of post-war children was set to make a significant mark on world culture. In Australia, that experience, the thirst to make a difference, the quest to belong would be all that more intense, because of the cultural distance, because of the migrant factor.

The young Bertelkamp happened to find himself growing into his teenage years in Adelaide, which more than any other Australian city had evolved into a British enclave, and as the cultural and musical revolution that was about to sweep the world evolved in England it was Adelaide’s heartbeat that was racing fastest, Adelaide which heard and saw the latest as migrants stepped off the ships, Adelaide which most eagerly embraced and emulated this Great Adventure. The revolution was already well underway in 1966 when” Beeb” joined his first group.

Times Unlimited became Zoot, Beeb the bass playing, harmonising anchor behind the group’s charismatic chick-magnet lead singer Darryl Cotton. Beeb proved then, as he would continue to prove, that he was more interested in making an essential contribution than dominating the spotlight. He was happy to stand alongside Darryl, enough of a chick magnet in his own right to be satisfied on that level as well as the musical one.

After Zoot moved to Melbourne and enjoyed significant success as a pop group, they – and this might have been as Beeb’s instigation – were keen to improve themselves musically and brought in the multi-talented songwriting (equally handsome) Rick Springfield, pushing Beeb another step back into the shadows. He didn’t mind. The group was obviously much better for Rick’s entry.

Beeb next made his mark with Mississippi, Graeham Goble’s group. They’d had one major debut hit, and now needed to become a working band in order to survive. Attracted by the quality of the songs, by Graeham’s vision, the already famous, already legendary Beeb Birtles allowed himself to be diverted, agreed to pick up his bass again and give Mississippi the benefit of his experience and talent. Beeb and Graeham formed a unique bond. Mississippi eventually became Little River Band.

Commercially, in Australia, LRB’s strength was its “Supergroup” status – lead singer Glenn Shorrock had seen success previously with The Twilights and Axiom. Artistically their strength was the combined vocal front line, Glenn, Graeham and Beeb, and their individual songwriting. Graeham was (and is) one of the most melodic songwriters of our time. Glenn’s songs gave LRB its pop sense. Beeb’s songs had (and have) heart. It was Beeb who provided LRB with the song they needed as their first single (Curiosity Killed The Cat). As LRB’s career and music evolved, it was always Beeb’s songs that were the most honest, most real, the meat in the sandwich. If you knew Beeb, you knew how true his songs were to his own life experience.

Those LRB years are long behind Beeb Birtles, as is Australia. Life goes on. Music goes on. Whatever else has happened, whatever else will be, the essentials of Beeb Birtles’ character outlined above remain. He never was and never will be a scene-stealer. The song is what’s important, the task at hand, that’s the ultimate objective. And inside that song, inside whatever Beeb Birtles has put his mind to you’ll sense a spirit of someone who has worked hard, thought hard, dug deep, at whatever the personal cost in order to arrive at the result we’re privileged to share.

Darryl Cotton
Musical Guest

Darryl Cotton has long been recognized as one of Australia’s most popular and successful entertainers, with a career of more than 40 years in the entertainment industry.

A founding member of the Aussie rock band ZOOT, along with Rick Springfield (Jessie’s Girl) and Beeb Birtles (Little River Band). Their classic recording of Eleanor Rigby was a gold record no: 1 and established ZOOT as one of the most popular Australian bands of that era.

The mid 70’s saw Darryl based in the US and recording 3 albums including a Billboard top 40 hit “I go to Pieces”. He appeared on a number of US TV shows such as American Bandstand and the “Midnite Special” and toured with Olivia Newton John and Cliff Richard.

A successful solo career followed and song writing credits for such artists as Mississippi, The New Seekers, Shaun Cassidy and Englebert Humperdink. In 1980 he scored a top 10 Australian hit with the self penned “Same Old Girl” and became a regular face on the ABC’s “Countdown”. Acting roles in the TV series “The Young Doctors” and “Neighbours” as well as critically acclaimed role as Joseph in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat”. Establishing Darryl as a successful and popular all round performer.

In 1983 Darryl, along with his side kick Marty Monster began hosting Ten network’s “Early Bird Show”. The show was a huge national success, running 5 years and introduced him to a new generation of fans.

In recent years Darryl has performed regularly with several Aussie music “Legends” including Russell Morris, Ronnie Burns and Jim Keays.

Rick Brewer
Musical Guest

Rick Brewer started in show business at 9 years old with the ROSS DAVIES OLYMPIC GYM. He remembers doing 2 TV spots a week, demonstrating various forms of gymnastics, as well as performing at the 1st Adelaide Festival of Arts. From a young age, he was trained that “even if you break your leg, SMILE and keep going,” a sentiment which has served Brewer well as a performing artist throughout the years.

By age 13, he was playing drums professionally as the musical director of a comedy trampoline act, which he describes as “much like a circus drummer.” His first charting hit came when he was only 15 years old! Brewer played in both The Zoot and The Ferretts, which both had number 1 charting hits in Australia, “Eleanor Rigby” and “Don’t Fall in Love” respectively. He also played in The Motivators, which had the underground hit, “After the Fall”.

Brewer has played a fascinating range of styles over the years and has in more recent times been in demand by dance & techno track producers for his unique percussion abilities and trance sound. He has recently teamed up with Australian songwriter Barry Ferrier and has provided the grooves on Ferrier’s original CD The Big One and a second album entitled The Black Pearls. Brewer has also done many recording sessions with groups like Dr. Bax and Slim Pickens. Brewer also is about to release a psychedelic R&B album, where all the drums and percussion are played without samples or loops. One track on the album took 34 takes in 6 different locations, including recording in the middle of an overgrown field in the country side, which gives the track a very dry clean and present cymbal sound.

Doug Davidson
Special Guest

Doug Davidson created the role of Paul Williams in 1978 on the Emmy Award winning show THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. With over 3,000 shows to his credit on the number one rated daytime drama, Davidson personally has ranked in the top ten of the TVQ ratings for a decade. Davidson has even acquired the TVQ rating #1 which has marked him as the top daytime performer (including both men and women) based on talent, familiarity and likability. A higher position in daytime television can not be earned. Davidson has also been honored on the SOAP OPERA AWARDS telecasts being the recipient of four nominations and winning all awards he has been nominated for, the latest being voted BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR in Jan 1997.

Davidson is also known to audiences when he hosted the nighttime version of THE PRICE IS RIGHT for Paramount Pictures 94 Season. For the past two years Davidson has been the host for the TOURNAMENT OF ROSES PARADE LIVE for CBS. He has been the host of CBS's COMING UP ROSES NEW YEAR'S SPECIAL (for six consecutive years running) and also Ceremonies for the state wide telecast THE MISS CALIFORNIA PAGEANT and recently co-hosted LIVE with Stephanie Edwards, as well as the JENNY JONES SHOW in the past. Davison's hosting abilities enabled cable TV's THE KENNY ROGER'S CEREBRAL PALSY TELETHON to surpass all financial goals, making it three record breaking years when Doug Davidson was hosting.

Although Davidson's daytime schedule is demanding, he was able to star with Paul Reiser in the feature film MR. WRITE and co-star in Judith Krantz's mini-series I'LL TAKE MANHATTAN, Davidson slipped away to guest on an episode of DIAGNOSIS MURDER with Dick Van Dyke and taped a special piece for the OLYMPICS on CBS. He has appeared on Fox's MOW L.A. JOHNS.

Doug Davidson's popularity and success has earned him over 700 national magazine covers and newspapers and guest appearances on CBS THIS MORNING, PHIL DONAHUE, KTLA MORNING SHOW, MAURY POVICH, GERALDO, VICKI, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THE PAT SAJACK SHOW, MIKE AND MATY, DONNY AND MARIE, MARILU, HOUR MAGAZINE, MERV GRIFFIN, amongst others. Davidson's countless appearances all over the United States and Canada has proven how strong viewership in daytime T.V. really is. In Markville, Canada, thirty thousand people besieged a shopping mall just to get a single glimpse of the blonde, blue-eyed, six foot actor who appears weekly as detective Paul Williams.

Supporting charitable causes, Davidson has been featured on more FAMILY FEUDS than anyone (with the exception of the show's host). Davidson has appeared on such show as THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE , WIN LOSE OR DRAW, TIC TAC DOUGH, and CARD SHARKS, raising money for charities having to do with children, animals, and saving our earth. Davidson's dedication to youth is evident through his strong association with the YMCA. He has worked as Youth Director on Catalina Island , Davidson and his wife actress Cindy Fisher, have served as National Honorary Chairperson's for WE-TIP, a non-profit anonymous tip line that aids in crime stopping.

Once a marine biology major at Occidental College, Davidson still enjoys SCUBA diving and the outdoors. He has camped all over Europe, water-skied the Colorado River, and remains a 1st degree brown belt in Karate. Davidson commutes to Hollywood from his 5 1/2 acre secluded property in a beach community outside of Los Angeles. At home, he loves to spend time with his daughter Calyssa, and his son, Caden and their old English Sheepdog Gertrude.

Jack Wagner
Musical Guest/Special Guest

Jack Wagner is currently playing the brash and earthy sea captain Dominick Marone whose seemingly uncultivated ways belie his secret wealthy origins, on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Wagner majored in theater in college, attending the University of Missouri and graduated from The University of Arizona with a BFA in Drama. His theatrical background of singing, dancing and acting would prove to be a true cornerstone in a diversified career.

In 1983 Wagner landed the starring role on the #1 daytime series, General Hospital, playing the rocker Frisco Jones. After recording several songs for the show Wagner signed a recording deal on Quincy Jones label, Qwest, and within 6 months his first single, “All I Need,” was #2 on the Pop charts and #1 on Adult Contemporary charts, followed by 3 Top 40 hits from his next 3 records.

In 1987 Wagner returned to his theatrical roots touring nationally as Tony in West Side Story and in 1988 as Danny Zuko in Grease. Wagner moved back to daytime in 1990 joining the cast of Santa Barbara where he played the Hemingwayesque writer, Warren Lockridge. In 1992 Wagner Again returned to the theater in Neil Simon’s They’re Playing Our Song at the Long Beach Civic Light Opera.

In 1993 Wagner moved to the nighttime television joining the hit series Melrose Place where he Spent 5 seasons both acting and directing.

In 2000 he took the role of a lifetime moving to Broadway, starring in the title role of Jekyll and Hyde. Wagner has starred in over 15 made-for-TV movies and appeared in over 40 theatrical productions around the country.

In 2001 he worked with Aaron Spelling again and took the lead in the NBC series, Titans. Finally in 2003 Wagner made s move to where he now calls home joining the company of The Bold and the Beautiful, the most successful dramatic serial in the world, viewed in 130 countries.

He is a scratch golfer and has won 6 Club Championships at his home course in Los Angeles, Bel Air Country Club. In 1990 won the ProAm with John Cook at Pebble Beach’s ATT Tournament. In 2002 hosted the ESPN golf show, Off Course with Jack Wagner, where he interviewed celebrities, Alex Rodriquez, Heather Locklear, John Elway, James Woods to name a few. Wagner is the 2006 Champion on American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament at Lake Tahoe, NV. broadcasted live on NBC annually. In 2007 named #1 Celebrity Golfer by Golf Digest.

In 2005, Wagner released his 5th record, a CD entitled DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT. Most of the 12 Songs on the CD were penned by Wagner and will be featured in episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful.

An avid supporter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, who benefits from the annual golf tournament, The Jack Wagner Celebrity Golf Classic, Wagner has spent many tireless hours Working for this charity that is very dear to his heart.

Mark Goodman
Special Guest Host

Mark Goodman has been in the music biz for 30 years. He started in radio in his hometown of Philadelphia at WMMR. In 1978 he became music director of the station. Then in 1980 he moved to NYC to work at WPLJ the number one rock station in New York.

It was 1981 when Mark left WPLJ to join the as yet unknown music video channel called MTV. As one of the 5 original VJs Mark interviewed everyone from Paul McCartney to Sting to Bruce Springsteen. He also hosted several special shows for the channel including “The Week In Rock”, "120 Minutes” and the first show ever syndicated to broadcast by MTV “The Top 20 Video Countdown.”

In the late 80’s Mark began an acting career that saw him working in film, and TV. Goodman appeared in several films including “Man Trouble” the worst film Jack Nicholson ever made and “Don’t Be a Menace To Society When You’re Drinking Your Juice In The Hood” with the Wayans brothers as well as Police Academy 6 (yes there were 6!). On TV Mark could be seen in such shows as “ Married With Children, The Practice, Superman and others.

In 1989 Mark returned to radio in LA at the legendary but short lived “The Edge”. Over the next 10 years he worked at stations including KROQ, KMPC-AM and Star 98.7 in Los Angeles as well as Q101 and WLS-FM in Chicago.

Through the 90’s Mark worked hosting several different TV shows and music specials. One show ”Fit TV” is still running on cable. Mark receives no royalties from the show but is pleased he is still helping people learn how to eat right, exercise more and be open to alternative methods of healing and stress reduction. He is trying to utilize these things in his own life with varying degrees of success.

In 1999 Mark became SVP of Music Programming for Soundbreak.com. He developed the format, hired and trained the air staff, and developed all the special programming which became available for syndication to other sites including British Telecom Open World, As Seen In (Aaron Spelling’s site), and Newgrounds.

After the dot com crash Mark continued his search for the new musical underground. Oddly it presented itself from outer space in the form of satellite radio. Mark was offered a position on Sirius Satellite Radio on their (what else) Big 80’s channel. Since starting there in 2004 Mark has added full time shows on Classic Rewind (late 70’s through early 90’s rock) and The Spectrum (a lively mix of rock, pop and indy for grownups…which Mark is still considering becoming).
Concurrent with that Goodman’s understanding of the power of combining music and visuals made Mark’s next step in the music business almost a given. Music supervision...putting music in films and TV shows. While he had music supervised several pilots for Fox it was the Touchstone/ABC TV show “Desperate Housewives” which offered Mark his greatest challenge. Mark was tapped as music supervisor to help launch the series.

Developments lately though have allowed Mark to agree with his old pal Jon Bonjovi who asks “Who says you can’t go home?” Lately he is back home (sort of) on VH1 and VH1 Classic doing interviews and hosting special programs while continuing to broadcast 7 days a week on Sirius Satellite Radio.




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